Why Outsource

Parkside Warehouse, Inc. is a public warehouse located in Rockford Illinois.  Rockford is in Northern Illinois, 70 miles west of Chicago.  We provide Third Party Logistics services (3PL).  We have an international customer base.  We provide global service with a focus on the upper Midwest.  We are especially well located to service Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.  We are less than 8 hours by truck from Chicago Illinois (IL), Milwaukee Wisconsin (WI), Detroit Michigan (MI), Minneapolis Minnesota (MN), Indianapolis Indiana (IN), Des Moines Iowa (IA), St. Louis Missouri (MO), Cincinnati Ohio (OH) and Louisville Kentucky (KY).  We are in the heart of the I-39 Logistics Corridor which is currently the fastest growing distribution hub in the nation.        

As a public warehouse and distribution center we can be a key part of your supply chain management.  That requires top notch Information Technology (IT).  Our state of the art Warehouse Management System (WMS) will track your inventory on a FI-FO (first in, first out) basis and by lot number, warehouse location, SKU plus whatever else you need.  Our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system allows for the transfer of data between Parkside, our customers and our customer’s customers.   This includes but is not limited to inventory information, order processing, Bills of Lading and invoicing.   

We service both ends of the spectrum.  We are a bulk warehouse, moving goods in pallet quantities and truckload (TL) quantities and we are an order fulfillment center providing pick and pack services with shipments via UPS and FedEx as well as LTL (less than truckload).  We offer an endless array of value added services including but not limited to labeling, stretch wrap, banding, freight consolidation, repacking, cross dock, returns, storage-in-transit and light assembly. 

Parkside Warehouse was established in 1962.  We continue to be a family owned and family run regional public warehouse.  Those decades of service translates into experience, knowledge, quick decision making and an unwavering commitment to our customers. 

Thank you for considering Parkside Warehouse, Inc.